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Jorge Delgado

Born and raised in Maryland, Jorge Delgado is a
true conservative product of the Old Line State.

Growing up in a multicultural home, Jorge observed his father, a business entrepreneur with Colombian pride, navigate the opportunities and challenges a small business owner faces. 

Luck would have it that Jorge’s first solid food as an infant was a Thrasher’s fry from the same Ocean City boardwalk where his mother and father grew up spending their youth. The Eastern Shore would continue to provide good fortune to Jorge, for he would meet his future wife, Catherine there. 

After gaining professional experience, Catherine and Jorge have returned to the place where they first fell in love and are proud to be cementing their roots in Worcester County. 

A graduate of Maryland’s public school system, Jorge earned his Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Auburn University. He began his career with Congressman Scott Tipton, where he expanded his knowledge of the obstacles small businesses and rural communities face. 

Guided by principles of a limited government and free markets, Jorge’s passion grew. He would support grassroots efforts in Georgia, and as a Campaign Manager, successfully navigated Republican State Representative Clarice Navarro’s race in Colorado. 

Shortly thereafter, Jorge found himself working directly with members of Congress. While working at the National Republican Senatorial Committee as Aide to the Chairman, Senate Republicans defied history and expanded the majority, which provided critical additional support for President Trump. Most recently, Jorge was the Economic Policy Advisor for United States Senator Cory Gardner, where he focused on affordable housing, taxation, opportunity zones and other related issues. 

Being at the forefront of democracy has provided Jorge with a unique perspective of the dysfunction in Washington. Congressional gridlock and complacent members of Congress benefiting from a broken process has resulted in permanently kicking the can down the road. Jorge believes that we must start addressing our challenges, rather than prolonging them.

Fueled by endless optimism and a strong belief in the greatness of our country, Jorge is challenging the status quo. Equipped with conservative principles as a compass, and inspired by his love for his home state, Jorge is embarking on a journey to represent Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Congress. Despite a lack of resources, he feels rich in energy and enthusiasm. Jorge believes the best way to shake up Congress, is by first changing its reflection of us. 


Jorge Delgado

Standing with President Trump.