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Jorge Delgado

Stands on today’s most important issues.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The son of a business entrepreneur, Jorge Delgado knows that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Jorge believes in fewer government mandates and more policies that provide certainty, which will incentivize innovation and generate stronger economic growth. In Congress, Jorge will fight to advance President Trump’s pro-jobs agenda, protecting the American Dream and fostering an environment where businesses and Maryland families thrive.

Protecting Our Environment and Promoting Tourism

Our legendary seafood, beautiful beaches and pristine waterways are a few of the treasures that make the Eastern Shore great. Jorge opposes seismic blasting off Maryland’s coast and recognizes its threat to the ocean environment as well as commercial and recreational fishing. He also opposes the proposed offshore wind farm and its potential to negatively impact our sightlines and views, property values and more. Jorge is a strong supporter of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, an important program that provides critical resources, without federal taxpayer dollars, for coastal conservation and restoration, increasing access for sportsmen and preserving iconic battlefields. Most importantly, Maryland must hold its neighboring states accountable for any harm caused that adversely affects our beloved Chesapeake Bay.

SECURING Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

From newborns to seniors, Eastern Shore families need access to safe, affordable healthcare. Jorge is committed to combatting surprise billing, lowering prescription drug prices, as well as protecting and preserving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


Jorge Delgado believes in America’s greatness. That greatness comes from us, We the People, not government. Jorge believes government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient. In Congress, Jorge will use his conservative principles to fight for a fair and simple pro-growth tax code, eliminate fraud and abuse, cut wasteful government spending and reduce our national debt.


Jorge Delgado

Focused on the Future.